“Leaving Home”

Clark Kent says goodbye to his mother, “Superman” (1978)

When I have some free time I like to mock up famous soundtrack cues and see just how close I can make them to the original.  Here is a cue from the 1978 “Superman” where Clark leaves the farm after his father’s death (I mocked up the previous cue here).   

Why do I always go back to 70’s John Williams?  It’s hard to imagine a current superhero movie would spend three and a half minutes on a very pretty scene with little dialogue and with so much melody.  Today Michael Giacchino is lucky to get six bars for a theme, while here the entire french horn statement at the end is over a plot-free but aesthetically-pleasing crane shot through the wheat fields.

I like to push my samples to be as expressive as possible, and so ultimately these exercises are disappointing when I bump up against the limits of what I can make samples and plugins do.  I guess no technological trickery can replace real people playing in a room.  

Here is the higher quality wav version.

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