Sound Mixing


Download and print my Sound Mixing resume here.


Old Dog Rowe Road Productions 2017
Director: Sally Rowe, Starring Paul Sorensen
The Work  2017 (SXSW Winner Documentary Feature Prize)
Directors: Gethin Aldous, Jarius McLeary — Hollywood Reporter,  “the sound work by… John M. Davis is a crucial component of the film’s emotional and sensory impact.”

Heather Booth: Changing The World 2017
Director: Lilly Rivlin

Virgin Territory (Short) 2016
Director: Emily Robinson, Starring Emily Robinson, Michele Clunie, Mel Shimkovitz

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America PBS 2014
Directors: Lawrence Hott and Diane Garey

Nashville 2.0 PBS 2013
Directors: Carol Stein and Susan Wittenberg

Young Lakota ITVS 2013
Directors: Marion Lipschultz and Rose Rosenblatt

All of Me ITVS 2013
Director: Alexandra Lescaze — New York Times review

Broadway Lullaby Out of the Blue Films 2012
Director: Barbara Rick

Niños de la Memoria (Children of Memory) PBS 2012
Directors: María Teresa Rodríguez & Kathryn Smith Pyle

Francophrenia (or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is) 2012
Directors: Ian Olds & James Franco

 The Contradictions of Fair Hope 2012
Director: S. Epatha Merkerson

Sex Crimes Unit Home Box Office 2011
Director: Lisa F. Jackson

Our School Sat Mic Film 2011
Director: Mona Nicoară

A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt HBO 2011
Director: Sally Rowe, Starring Paul Liebrandt, Drew Nieporent

Welcome to Shelbyville POV 2010
Director: Kim Snyder

No Dinosaurs in Heaven Jezebel Films 2010
Director: Greta Schiller

Source of Pride: The Making of Pride And Glory New Line Cinema 2009
Director: Stephen Earnhart, Starring Edward Norton, Jon Voight, Gavin O’Connor

Killshot (Temp Mix) Weinstein Company 2008
Director: John Madden, Starring Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane

Psychic Detectives (series) Court TV 2004 to 2007
Producer: Steve Miller, Superfine Films

Grace is Gone (Temp Mix) Weinstein Company 2007
Director: James C. Strouse, Starring John Cusack, Alessandro Nivola

1408 (Temp Mix) Weinstein Company 2007
Director: Mikael Håfström, Starring John Cusack

John James Aududon: Drawn from Nature PBS American Masters 2007
Director: Lawrence Hott and Diane Garey

The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo Home Box Office 2007
Director: Lisa F. Jackson

Wondershowzen (Series) mtv2 2005 to 2006
Directors: Vernon Chatman & John Lee

Novel Romance Monarch Home Entertainment 2006
Director: Emily Skopov, Starring Traci Lords, Paul Johansson

Americanese IFC First Take 2006
Director: Eric Byler, Starring Chris Tashima, Joan Chen

Laura Smiles RKO Pictures 2006
Director: Jason Ruscio, Starring Petra Wright, Kip Pardue, Jonathan Silverman

Extreme Evidence (series) Court TV 2005

A Place Like This 2005
Director: Yvonne Kenney

El Segundo Ramblin’ Tank Prod. 2004
Director: Hank Jacobs, Starring Teri Beasley

Peace X Peace: Women on the Frontlines Journeyman Films 2004
Director: Lisa Hepner, Narrator: Jessica Lange

Piggie 2003
Director: Alison Bagnall, Starring Savannah Haske, Dean Wareham, Robert John Burke, John C. Reilly

The Day They Died The History Channel 2003
Director: Gregory Orr

Twin Sisters Miramax Films 2002
Director: Ben Sombogaart, Starring TheklaReuten, Nadja Uhl

I’m Not Scared Miramax Films 2002
Director: Gabriele Salvatores, Starring Giuseppe Cristiano

The Bear (Animated) Mirmamx Films 2002
Director: HIlary Audusl, Starring Judi Dench

Last of the First Kenja Media 2002
Director: Anja Baron

Pinocchio (Temp Mix) Miramax Films 2002
Director: Roberto Benigni, Starring Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi

MSNBC Reports: Fight Night MSNBC 2002
Director: Stephen Earnhart

Samsara (Temp Mix) Miramax Films 2001
Director: Pan Nalin

Shaolin Soccer (Temp Mix) Miramax Films 2001
Director: Stephen Chow, Starring: Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao

Maléna (Temp Mix) Miramax Films 2001
Director: Gieuseppe Tornatore, Starring Monica Bellucci

The Debut Celestial Pictures 2000 — Winner: Best Sound, Golden Screen Awards, Philippines
Director: Gene Cajayon, Starring Dante Basco, Joy Bisco

Sisters in Resistance PBS 2000
Director: Maia Wechsler, Narrator: Kate Mulgrew

Heartbreak Hospital Seventh Art Releasing 2000
Director: Reudi Gerber, Starring Chelsea Altman, Patricia Clarkson, John Shea, Diane Venora

Our House: A Very Real Documentary about Kids of Gay & Lesbian Parents ITVS 2000
Director: Meema Spadola